Vehicle maintenance is crucial for both your driving safety and the longevity of your engine. As Smart Roadster 452 owners, we take special care of our cars, and in this article, I’ll share how I performed my own oil and filter change, along with some essential details not to be missed.

I decided to change the oil filter and oil itself, aiming to enhance the performance. I opted for a more durable metal filter and a filter adapter instead of the original filter, which may help reduce the frequency of filter changes.

I chose Castrol Edge 5W-30 oil because I believe it offers the best performance and protection for my engine. Using this high-quality oil, I aim to ensure my engine’s long life and improved performance.

Another critical point to remember is to be careful while performing the oil and filter change. If you’re doing this for the first time, getting assistance from a gas station can make the task easier.

Smart Roadster 452 owners, don’t neglect regular maintenance to boost your car’s performance and ensure its long life. By sharing my own experiences, I hope to draw your attention to this essential matter. Wishing everyone a successful maintenance experience and safe travels. Happy driving!

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