Todo List

  • Missing seat clips
  • PPF cover for rear plastic side windows
  • Full Black Paint
  • Matte Black Paint for plastic exteriors
  • Replace taillight with new ones
  • Paint as Matte Black Wiper arms
  • Change interior fabrics as brabus leather
  • Renewal of seat leather
  • Remove led strip from behind grille
  • Replace Handbrake mechanism with brand new
  • Electric side mirror wiring & controller installation
  • Air conditioning belt replacement
  • Check battery health
  • Completing missing screws & clips for bumper
  • Oil pan gasket renewal
  • Replace Trip-computer led with new one
  • Detection of sound coming while passing pits
  • Check water leaks



  • Wrap taillight with black matte film
  • Clean headlight lens
  • Fix passenger door hand cable
  • Carbon wrap interior trims
  • Replace broken side mirror mechanisms
  • Handbrake arm-rest fix by 3dprint
  • Replace shift knob with brabus version
  • 3d Print Air-conditioner buttons & paints
  • Replace speaker covers
  • Replace Side mirror cover with electric model
  • Upgrade speakers & add tweeter as original
  • Antenna Rubber replace with brand new
  • Speedometer buttons replaced with metal ones
  • Left door cable cover was missing
  • Paint control buttons as matte black
  • Designed new steering wheel with carbon


  • Replace Crankshaft sensor
  • Change oil filter with metal one
  • Change filter set
  • Replace rear bulb sockets with news
  • Wiper motor repair
  • Install Multimedia system with carplay
  • Install Aux to existing grundig radio
  • Install rear camera for parking
  • Code new spare key
  • Front wheel bearing replacement
  • Rear stabilizer arm replacement with new one
  • Rear suspension & coil replacement
  • Front suspension & coil replacement


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