Are you ready to enhance the convenience and modernity of your Smart Roadster? It’s time to embark on a simple but impactful upgrade – replacing your manual side mirror controls with electric ones. In this video, I’ll show you the first step in this transformation, swapping out the triangular mirror covers for electrically compatible ones.


Welcome to our blog and video tutorial! Today, we’ll take you through a straightforward process to elevate your Smart Roadster’s functionality. By making this upgrade, you’ll experience added convenience and a touch of modern technology without delving too deeply into complex mechanics.

In this video, we’ll cover the initial step of transforming your manual side mirror controls into electric ones. You’ll learn how to replace the triangular mirror covers with electrically compatible ones. It’s a great way to modernize your vehicle while improving your driving experience.

Stay tuned for more videos on this exciting upgrade journey. Let’s get started!

Remember, always prioritize safety when working with any vehicle modifications, and consult with a professional if needed for the best results. Enjoy the transformation of your Smart Roadster!

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