This is my first post about the smart Roadster therefore I want to start with the beginning story of “How we decided to buy a Smart Roadster?”

Our adventure of buying a Smart Roadster has started in July 2022. We were looking for an automatic transmission city car for my wife. After a long convincing talk, we started to search on sahibinden.com with a limited count of smart roadster listings. We were lucky and found a super original and well-kept smart roadster whose first owner is famous Turkish weightlifting world champion Halil Mutlu’s car.

After the handover, we changed the plate number from Ankara to Istanbul so we get a new plate. And we got FNP123 again luckily it’s a straight number which is simple to tell. 🙂 Before and After the handover, the previous mechanical technician Ibrahim Usta (who is located in Ankara) helped me a lot to understand the past of the car and what is done in mechanics. Also, he sent me service photos which he took while changing time-chain, filters, etc. It was so precious to get those from a technician. Obviously showed us how a tidy technician he is.

We have been using our Smart Roadster very carefully since the day we bought it and we were constantly restoring its timeworn parts with my friends (called Disaster Trio). In this blog, you can find the history of our new projects and road trips with my wife and friends.

 So this is how our smart roadster adventure has begun. And hopefully, it never ends.

let’s drive for fun

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